A maze is a maze is a maze, turn left-right right-left get lost anyway, corridors of digital, endless loops of fake, viruses in mirrors fluid mobiles dangling, no exit no way out of digital dreams, take then a landslide, economy earthquake, money barbarism, coloured figures dancing in the wind, no equality no future, or dancing on shores waves upon waves upon waves like seven green tigers, looking for community, or more sedate vibrations, singing stones and singing metals, patterns age-old settling as DNA information in matter, if we are lost how will we cross this maze?

The maze is wandering in digital vistas, weird visions of AI art, the agoraphobia of the net, the claustrophobia of social media, malware speeding under your fingers on the screen, pullulating landslides scarring landscapes and communities giving rise to new resilience, a shifting heritage running through our fingers like sand, economic landslides burying lives under tons of privations, ferrofluid patterns of wanderings, the new coming up new shores, migrating dreams and despair, pushing horizons lives matters lost, patterns unfolding in sand, old DNA of dust rediscovered two hundred years ago, the maze of life scratching our irises, flee turn corners in a labyrinth of loss, maze of migration mirroring a mazement of maybe marvels?


Installation shots

"LANDSLIDE (Resilience in Unstable Times)", Tiny Domingos 2019 (Installation shot)

Installation shots of LANDLIDE (Resilience in Unstable Times) by Tiny Domingos. Currently on display at JRC Ispra, Italy within the DATAMI exhibition.

The project includes:
- a large outdoor sculpture entitled "The Price of Volatility" (located at the entrance of the Visitors' Center)
- an indoor installation entitled "LANDSLIDE" (Resilience in Unstable Times) composed by a mirror table with data landscape (wood sculptures) and a projection of landslide hotspots in Italy.

Photo credits: Tiny Domingos and identified personal credits

Flat sheets of metal mounted on central stalks to sturdy bases. When the plates are oscillated in a particular mode of vibration, the nodes and antinodes that are set up form symmetrical patterns.

Assembling installation - 1

A resonance plate installation was placed in the Makerspace of the JRC. The Makerspace is a workspace where people with common interests, such as computers, machining, technology, science, digital art, or electronic art, can meet and collaborate.