Temporary illusions, the present always looming larger than the past, past changes dwarfed by new challenges, present blotting out the past, networks crawling fibre, new languages, again, hush be silent learn again, silent life of trees, networks roots communication, silicon lives in endless repetition, giga into tera into peta into exa into zetta, blockchain consuming the world, will the network inflation translate into neurons?

Here the eternity of networks, communication exploding into bytes, logic of hazard, a game, nodes infinitely multiplying, crawling bamboo spiders turning back on big bamboo bang, silicon eternity without time, then again nanosensors descending into chlorophyll, silent throbbing submarines descending into listening for the something feeling reacting leaves translating light light becoming feeling – when will we grasp the living feeling sentient gaia everything is everywhere in us, inflation of being, or inflation of love’s labour’s lost in meandering inflation of play-in-play in silicon disrupted by global warming ohoohooohhh that inflahation rag but somewhere it ends and returns to the simple questions, my life is your life is anyone’s life to be measured with solitude mere feeling, is the way to inflating peace in the world the humble work of becoming more human each day?  



horaica is an art-science installation that tries to enhance plants' capability and understanding (feeling/seeing) our local environment through their senses. It does so through a spatial artistic installation that engages with the visitor.