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The Resonances Initiative

Resonances is the project’s flagship initiative.

Within a two-year cycle, scientists, artists and policymakers come together at a Summer School to discuss a theme of relevance to the JRC and the European Commission. Inspired by these meetings, artists can propose works in close collaboration with the researcher(s) and receive the assistance of the SciArt team.

The end goal is to produce and exhibit the proposals coming out of transdisciplinary interactions, first on the biggest JRC site in Ispra and then in a major European venue. The resulting artworks should foment conversations with and between citizens, augment public engagement and become cultural products of contemporary significance.

Previous Resonances topics include datami (your data tatami - Resonances III 2018-2019), Fair/Fear (Resonances II 2016-2017) and Food (Resonances I 2015). You find the catalogues here. Find out more about the current edition of Resonances on the topic of NaturArchy & follow the timeline of our activities.

Nastassia Zenovich, D.pulex Black Box, 2019
D.pulex black box