On presentation

We chose six words to symbolise the datami, six words that capture different aspects not necessarily of easy understanding. They are and should be mysterious, intriguing, frustrating, contradictory, fleeting, evanescent, in the end: truly ungraspable. They symbolise road signals into a new world that is emerging but not really clear, yet we feel it has already swept away the old one, a new world where some expect anthropological changes, some dream of immortality, some others fear an intelligence that will treat us like we treat trees, new overlords that will prune us at their whims, some see a split world with the advent of new species, merely digital cohabiting with the human, steel married to flesh or steel separating flesh, a world where human becomes suddenly a complex problem, whether because we now know not so much that civilisation is mortal, but that the demise of man is a distinct possibility emerging at the horizon. We see reality shifting in an explosion of viewpoints, we see many realities in a blossoming multiverse as close as I am to you yes even closer, we can’t stick to one only viewpoint, we cannot make it cohere. Boundaries are shifting in a multicoloured aquarelle of hybridisation, a kaleidoscope of possibilities unfolding under our hands.

The words are: