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Engage in Wonder

Humans can be agents of change, if we change from within, and realise we have the power to achieve what we want to achieve, now.

Jill Townsley and Nicole Dewandre


On 09/12/2021, artist in residence Jill Townsley and philosopher/scientist Nicole Dewandre presented the development of their SciArt collaboration after Resonances III, datami (2019). Jill used a video to convey the contents of their discussions which, as an artistic medium, was a wonderful example of just how important the process is for SciArt projects. This conference was an example of how SciArt can be a worthwhile exercise in democracy of disciplines, experimentation and meaningful interdisciplinary encounters, which can help us all open up to collaborations.


Jill's talk
Image credit: Roberto Paci Dalò, shot of Jill and Nicole's talk