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Listening to Soil and the Critical Zone

We are all part of a system and cannot exist on our own.

mushroom 2

The work of Artist in Residence Siobhan McDonald operates across various layers of thought and media - soil, clay, gas, ink, and painting. In true SciArt fashion, it champions the process; experimenting, exploring unknown territories and questioning what is missing. Siobhan sees art and art science collaborations as ways to create new knowledge and connect various disciplines.

On 01/12/2021 she presented her work and collaboration with JRC soil scientist Arwyn Jones. She began with her production To Breathe for the Resonances III festival, datami, which had made her think deeply about how breath connects humans and the natural world in a symbiotic relationship. Resonances III led her to the STUDIOTOPIA project, a cultural exchange between different countries, artists and scientists, including the JRC. This is also how Siobhan met Arwyn, who opened her mind and helped her embed extraordinary aspects of research in artistic work: such as tracing the idea of air into soil. Siobhan expressed her interest in the interconnectedness, interdependence and importance of all living things, as well as her concern about our future living conditions.



Will the earth be able to sustain the rate of change that is taking place in our world?

methane eye


 Images credit: Siobhan McDonald 2020-2021