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Landslide: Resilience in unstable times

In curiosity we find innovation.

Tiny Domingos and Monica Cardarilli


Artist in residence Tiny Domingos and scientist Monica Cardarilli connected in 2021 thanks to mutual interest in landslides, risk management and resilience. Monica worked on landslides for her PhD, and Tiny’s fascination with landslides as critical masses that reconfigure the ground, previously motivated his work for Resonances III. On 30/11/2021 they gave a presentation at the JRC Ispra on these shared interests and motivations. They advocated for flexibility and a readiness to adapt when faced with changes or natural disasters; so we can land smoothly, instead of falling. In such shifting circumstances, Tiny stressed the need to reconnect to the soil, and understand that it is alive and subject to change as we are.


Tiny's slide
 Image credit: Tiny Domingos, slide from presentation