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Lise Autogena @ Public Participation and Deliberative Democracy Festival

On Thursday 20th October, Resonances III artist Lise Autogena returns to the JRC site in Ispra to speak at the 4th Public Participation and Deliberative Democracy Festival.

In conversation with SciArt project leader Adriaan Eeckels, she will recount her recent work in Greenland with Joshua Portway, developing an archive of the Kuannarsuit / Kvanefjeld mountain and local people's feelings towards it.


The Kuannarsuit/Kvanefjeld plateu in South Greenland is thought to contain the world's second-largest deposit of rare-earth oxides, sixth-largest deposit of uranium and one of the largest multi-element deposits of its kind in the world. This session will present an artwork that refract the different facets, local perceptions and decision-making around the plans for the mining of Kvanefjeld. Fragments of interviews, children's toys, impacts from melting glaciers, radiation monitoring of polar bears, radioactive rocks, tweets from the US president and traditional knowledge create a swirling fractal narrative about the discussion about a mountain that has become the epicentre for a democratic discussion about Greenland’s future. 


Lise Autogena & Joshua Portway Bio

Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway have worked together since the early 90’s, developing large-scale multimedia installations, performances and site-specific works in collaboration with organisations and experts across many fields of knowledge. Much of their work has explored how the economic, technological and societal systems we create are impacting our human experience and sense of self in the world. 


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