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NaturArchy Residencies: Politics in Disguise BACK @ JRC Brussels

Can we imagine a politics of the non-human? Claus Schöning  is back at the JRC in Brussels!

Prepare to embrace creativity, artistic sparks & widen your imagination this week (22nd – 26th May) at the JRC in Brussels as artist Claus Schöning returns to work with JRC colleague with Julian Keimer (values & knowledge management for policy) on their project Politics in Disguise.

Schöning, Klaus_Proposal Resonances-NaturArchy2022
Image: Claus Schöning, draft for “Politics in Disguise”, 2023

Julian and Claus are working and researching to develop a project which raises awareness of what is more-than-human and develops a new system of politics which includes nonhumans and gives voice to them. Their approach focuses on values to create relatable scenarios which will effectively reach and engage audiences with the issue, placing non-humans centre stage. 

Following a first week in residency in March 2023, where they presented the current status of the project, they are hoping to continue to connect with more EC policymakers and EP members - please do reach out if you’re a policymaker, parliamentarian or colleague who would like to get involved in this project!

This residency is being conducted in the framework of Resonances IV on NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract

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