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How to Participate

Picture credits: Gregoire Dubois; design by: Stephan Lindner 

Resonances IV Summer School Participants 

Artists: The 20 artists who participated to the Summer School were selected from the Open Call published in December 2021, and 2 artists were invited.

JRC researchers & European Commission policymakers: Members of the JRC, European Commission and experts from worldwide institutions who showed interested and contributed to the development of the NaturArchy theme were invited to the Resonances IV Summer School. Conferences were open to the scientists on the JRC Ispra site to attend, take in and share knowledge, but we also created safe spaces for discussions on art, science, policy and NaturArchy for subscribed participants. 

We are looking forward to seeing what thoughts, plans and proposals grow and develop from these discussions in the long term. 

Feeling left out? Don't fret! We are working on a database which will allow you to keep in touch with the SciArt project and get in contact with scientists, artists, policymakers or anyone interested in the subject. For the time being, please get in touch with one of our team members if you are a JRC researcher or European Commission policymaker who would like to get involved in the future or know more about the project.

Summer School Participants Bios & Pictures
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