Big Data have erupted in our daily lives. Our cell phones suggest where to go and who with, our television recommends us what to watch, our PC insists on what to buy. Fake news clogs our newsfeed and tells us how to think. And prominent scientists and business barons exalt or warn us against Artificial Intelligence (AI). Do we really need to fear Big Data and AI, the coming digital transformation?

The datami offers a new concept to tackle all the ramifications of our new digital life and Big Data, the theme of Resonances III Festival & Exhibition. We see the datami as a virtual tatami, made of the data that we cherish, our data and those of our families and friends, our discoveries and curiosities, our roaming and conversations, all of these making up our new identities. In real life, our datamis are being created with each new conversation, each interaction and each payment, our digital trail acquiring substance in the databases of all companies, big and small, digital or not. But these are our data that reflect our personal lives and we need them to practice our freedoms. That is why the datami is conceived as a data tatami, a place of rest and repose against the digital onslaught. Defined as such, we hope that the visitors to the Resonances III Festival & Exhibition can find tools to actively carve out their own datami, personal and collective as they choose, from spaces that are digital, virtual and real. Our identities are too rich and multi-faceted to mere commercial data or entries in a database.

Datami intends to tackle Big Data, AI and Digital Transformation not only with science and technology, but with a host of different art disciplines, analogue and digital, that reflect the diversity of the JRC and the European Union. The presented installations are works of collaboration between artists and scientists, based on the extensive data the JRC hosts and uses, with scientists applying these Big Data in a variety of disciplines; from earth systems sciences to digital economy, from life sciences to sociology and ethics, from fake news to digital transformation.

Datami wants to recover our ideas of democracy in a space where real and virtual lives blend in a new on-life – Not on- and offline, but permanently entering into a digital sphere, a space that needs a new declaration of our unalienable rights, virtual and other. Or to quote Tim Berners-Lee, we need a new 'Magna Carta of the Web'.