A portrait of the AI as a young Cyber Oracle

A portrait of the AI as a young Cyber Oracle (Performance) / Photo Credit: Diana Rembges

The work aims to expose the creation of an Artificial Intelligence and its workings to a general public, dealing with the bias within programming, the notion of losing control in a world supervised by machines and the utopia of creating an all-knowing Big Data oracle.
The program creates text and music based on the public ́s input, based upon which an opera singer is improvising.



by Paul Wiersbinski



JRC scientist - Blagoj Delipetrev
Associated JRC advisors - Diana Rembges, Henrik Junklewitz
AI programmer - Dejan Porjazovski, Merlin Carter
Opera Singer - Marie Requa Gailey
3D Visuals - Zeyd Ayoob
Costumes and Set design - Hanna Hildebrand




Extended Project Description:


1min video explaining the algorithm and installation at the JRC Visitor Center:
Password: OracleInstall
3min video trailer of the Show at the Smart City Lab:
Password: OracleShow