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AiR (Artist-in-Resonances)

Upon conclusion of the 2019 Resonances III festival, the SciArt project was able to continue supporting some collaborations established by artists and scientists during Resonances III. In 2021 this was put into action as the artists returned for residencies at the JRC Ispra site to  develop new proposals with JRC scientists and present on the significance of art-science collaborations. 

2021 “Artists-in-Resonances”

  • Artist Roberto Paci Dalò is currently developing an artist's book in collaboration with volunteer artists on their taken on the New European Bauhaus.
  • Professor Alexander Peterhaensel developed a VR installation to visualise weather data, based on his Resonances III work.
  • Artist Paul Wiersbinsky is working on a proposal on art, AI and the Metaverse with JRC scientist Blagoj Delipetrev.
  • Artist Siobhan McDonald has made a proposal with JRC scientist Arwyn Jones on Soil as the Critical Zone of the Earth.
  • Artist Tiny Domingos presented with JRC scientist Monica Cardarilli a proposal on Landslides and Resilience.
  • Artist Jill Townsley with philosopher Nicole Dewandre showed a video which conveyed their dialogues on Hannah Arendt’s philosophy and temporality.

Resonances works beyond JRC 

Looking forward to new residencies in the wake of the upcoming Summer School!

Anais Tondeur, A Particular Matter, 2017
A Particular Matter